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PREA acts to awaken the critical and scientific awareness of society on issues involving the human-society-nature interrelationship


The Environmental Education Program - PREA - is a non-governmental organization of socio-environmental character, made up of professionals and academics from different areas. It is a non-profit organization, with indefinite duration, without party lines, free and independent of public bodies.


The purpose of  PREA is to develop social and environmental research and disseminate environmental education in all social favors and defend collective and diffuse rights, whether from the administrative or judicial sphere of the environment.

Subsisting from the contributions of its members, PREA also receives funding through public notices and partnerships with other organizations, linked to the execution of its socio-environmental projects, always emphasising its functional autonomy.

In partnership with the community, universities, city halls, companies and museums, PREA develops research, seminars, lectures and environmental education activities focused in conservation. Through its own projects, PREA aims at the preservation of nature along with the prosperity of the population.

The Environmental Education Program (PREA) was created in 2001 with the objective of working on environmental education at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) from a pluralistic perspective, initially involving more than thirteen faculties.

In 2002, it gained greater autonomy and became a civil association, expanded its objectives and sought to materialize them through social actions and through socio-environmental projects and research, in partnership with Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) and institutions.

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Idealized and founded by educators and students from different areas of knowledge, professionals from areas such as geography, law, biology, tourism, engineering, communication, history are currently part of PREA's membership.


As a civil organization it is headed by a Board of Directors composed of three members and has a Fiscal Council with two members, in accordance with its Bylaws.

Subsisting from the contributions of its members, the PREA also receives funding through public notices and partnerships with other organizations, linked to the execution of its socio-environmental projects, always emphasizing its functional autonomy.

OUR actions

We seek and promote a joint action with the community,

PREA develops actions and projects in the areas of


      Environmental Education

   Biodiversity Conservation        

 Cultural appreciation

  Health and Citizenship  

In promoting environmental quality and defending the diffuse and collective rights of the society, PREA effectively acts in the Councils:

  • Municipal Council of the Environment of Juiz de Fora (COMDEMA / JF), Chair member since 2003;

  • Environmental Policy Council of Minas Gerais (COPAM / MG), since 2004;

  • Advisory Council for the Management of the Poço D'antas  Biological Reserve (JF/MG), as Chair member since 2007;

  • Inter-institutional Commission on Environmental Education - (CIEA): acting as a member of the commission from 2010 to the present (2018);

  • Chair of the Hydrographic Basins Committee of the Minas Gerais' Tributaries of the Preto and Paraibuna Rivers (PS1) from 2013 TO 2017; committee member in 2018;

  • Committee for the Integration of the Paraíba do Sul River Basin (CEIVAP): acting as member of the committee and its Technical Chamber (CTC) from 2012 to 2017 ; and vice chair in 2018.


When necessary, PREA also acts through complaints, lawsuits, among other forms of ensuring compliance with environmental legislation and social interests.

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